Tired of sealing your surfaces again and again? Introducing The Surface Master Protective Coating
A product designed with you in mind. Unparalleled protection, while beautifying any surface of concrete, metal, and wood.
A Beautiful finish that the neighbors will be jealous of
And without professional installation. No mixing or cutting with chemicals. The product is premixed for you so when you get it, its ready to apply!
Fills in hairline cracks, while still preserving the look of your surface
Perfect for backyard patios and decks with texture and dimension that you don't want to lose, but do want to protect
You are in good hands with National Coatings Inc. and the Surface Master

Having proven itself time and time again, we stand behind The Surface Master. Feel free to look at our Photos/Testimonials section as well!

Have a Deck Worth Protecting?

Don't waste time or money with other outdated materials. You want to seal your deck once, and to seal it correctly. The Surface Master has been doing that for years.

National Coatings Inc's The Surface Master is able to withstand temperature and weight change in demanding settings

Regularly used in parking garages, warehouses, gymnasiums and more.

Environmentally friendly and safe
The Surface Master is focused on having a 'clean footprint' and letting you rest easy, knowing that our product is designed to be safe around your loved ones or customers
Looking for 200 square feet of coverage? What about 200,000 square feet?
We can accommodate any type of project with ease. Call us directly at (888)243-2032
Use The Surface Master indoors for a high-end and durable look
And rest easy knowing it will last for many many years
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A heavy-duty protective coating which protects and beautifies your concrete, wood, or metal surfaces.

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We designed this video to go over the basics of The Surface Master,and to make it easy for our customers to see what The Surface Master looks like out of can,as well as when it's being applied to multiple types of surfaces.            


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